Lesson 1 from the Campaign Trail

As the weeks go by, I will try to share with you my thoughts, impressions and the education in politics that this campaign season is unloading on me. As ever, I hope you will also share your thoughts and comments.
First, having done some canvassing with Kristine Howard, our candidate for the Statehouse, let me say that it was a pleasure working with her. She is intelligent, unassuming, a very decent and dedicated person. Let’s give her all the help we can to send her to Harrisburg.
Then, the overall impression I gained is that, at least in our area, we are the majority by a mile and a half. We have the numbers and we can win, if we translate them into votes.
In almost all cases, people seemed to be motivated by a desire to change in Harrisburg and in D. C. Overall, “Vote them out” seems to be an appropriate rallying cry much more so than “Lock HIM up”.
(More to come later)
- Manos Fourakis

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