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Lesson 3 from the Campaign Trail

(This one is really from history but...)

People who know I was born in Greece ask me sometimes what happened to Greece, how come the present semi-tragic state of affairs. A partial answer is that the worst enemy of a Greek is another Greek. Throughout history, Greeks have fought among themselves, even while they were fighting an external enemy. They, along with the Romans, wrote the book on civil war.

How does this apply to us?

Let me see...Back in 2000, some of us voted for Nader, votes that Gore could have used but did not get. What we got was...

And then in 2016, we split again and a bunch of us did not vote...The result, well, we are living the nightmare.

Let us learn from the mistakes of others and our own. Let us win first and argue later.

- Manos Fourakis

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Comments (2)
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